5 things you should never do at a yoga class

Yoga_Sep7_AYou’ve probably heard all about the benefits of yoga. As a workout, it’s incredible for increasing your flexibility, toning your muscles, and relieving stress. And September is National Yoga Month, so if you haven’t practiced yoga before, there’s no better time to summon the courage and give it a try! Of course, If you’re fairly new to yoga, then you might feel intimidated at the idea of joining your first class. No one likes to look foolish by doing something wrong. So get started by reading these five things that you should never do in a yoga class.

Entering class late

Entering the studio while a class is still in session is disruptive to both your instructor and fellow practitioners. What’s more, your instructor will likely plan classes very specifically, so turning up late and jumping straight into the practice won’t be good for your body. You should be punctual, or even arrive 10 minutes early to allow time to settle in before class, practice a pose, do some stretches, or just simply sit quietly and reflect.

Bringing your mobile devices

Most of us are dependent on our smartphones to keep our lives and work running smoothly. But yoga is a time of relaxation and self-exploration. Simply put, it is a time that you don’t need to use any electronics. Constantly checking notifications, texting, or answering calls will only distract you, as well as others around you, from the practice. So it’s best to leave your phone in the locker room, or at least keep it on silent if you must have it by your side.

Chatting with the person next to you

Making friends with your yoga neighbors before and after a session is part of the group class experience, but you should stay silent when class commences. Many yogis relish the practice as a time to turn inward and connect to their own bodies, so don’t be offended if no-one talks to you. People around you need to focus on performing challenging poses, and you should be doing the same.

Invading other people’s space

Be aware of where you’re placing your mat, so you don’t position yourself right in front of, or too close to, someone else. Don’t fuss and move around too much when the class starts, either. Space can be really tight in some yoga classes, so try to avoid collisions with other people, and leave plenty of room to stretch your arms and legs.

Rushing out of class

Instead of going straight to the dressing room and leaving the studio quickly, take some time afterwards to think about what you did in class, so you can retain what you’ve experienced and learned. Take a closer look at the poses you practiced, and note any useful tips and instructions from your instructor. Reviewing each of your sessions can help deepen your own personal practice and sharpen your skills as a yogi.

After a class, you’ll feel a great sense of peace, relaxation, and inspiration. If you want to give yoga a try, get in touch with our expert instructors today.

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