A beginner’s guide to yoga class clothing

Yoga_Oct26_AIf you’re new to the world of yoga, selecting the right clothing is crucial for a positive first experience. While yoga doesn’t require you to invest a lot in equipment and garments, you still can’t just wear anything to join a class. You need to choose proper clothing that allows for stretching and bending, in order to ensure that your sessions will be as comfortable as possible. So check out these guidelines before you go shop around for yoga wear.

Yoga tops

We highly recommend tops that are made of cotton or knitwear. This is because most yoga postures involve a lot of stretching, and therefore it is necessary to wear clothes that are able to support all of your body’s extended movements. Cotton and knitwear textures are soft enough to prevent any rashes to the skin. They are also highly absorbent, preventing body sweat from getting in the way during your practice.

Don’t forget to consider the tightness of your yoga tops. Pick one that’s neither too loose nor too tight for your body shape. Try it on and see if you’re able to move freely in it. You should practice a few moves and poses in the fitting room to see if the top works for you.

Yoga pants

The perfect yoga pants are ones you can wear just as comfortably as your yoga tops, preferably made of a light material and with an elastic waist that conforms to your body’s shape. You have the option of choosing between full-length pants, capris, or shorts. Although this is all a matter of preference, you should choose a pair that complements your yoga practice. For instance, you should choose a pair of full-length, breathable pants for calm and gentle yoga, while shorts are recommended for hot yoga classes.


In addition to yoga tops, you can also put on long-sleeved thermal hoodies or zip-up jackets. These extra layers are ideal for the winter, when you’re traveling to a yoga class or when you perform yoga in a chilly room. Wearing an extra layer of clothing will help raise your body’s temperature and loosen muscles during the warm-up stage, as well as prevent chills when your body is not producing heat during the final relaxation stage.


After you have carefully selected your yoga wear, it’s time to consider the right accessories to go with the outfit. Avoid putting on any jewelry, so you don’t distract yourself and others during class. Some yoga accessories that may come in handy are headbands to keep your hair in place when you go through postures, yoga gloves to tighten your grip on the mat, and a yoga towel; these are super absorbent, making them perfect for wiping off the sweat during practice.

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Published with permission from FitnessAdvisory. Source.